My Team India Supports National Backyard Cricket Day

Go to and support #Nationalbackyardcricket by picking up a bat and #BattingForChage.

Cricket is something that India is known for, and it is definitely THE sport here in Australia. Whenever there is a match between the 2 countries, we are torn between who to go for. Simran tends to push for India and me & the kids root for Australia. Nevertheless, we don’t get too high or too low regardless of the outcome because it’s about celebration of the sport and the bond that is created between the 2 countries.

National Backyard Cricket is another initiative that My Team India fully supports. The great cause supports libraries across regional Australia via partnership with Friends of Libraries Australia as well as tertiary education projects in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tanzania South Africa, Afghanistan and Indonesia.

This Sunday January 31, 2021 is the official date for National Backyard Cricket day and it is where we will put down our tongs and spatula down and enjoy a game of cricket with our friends and family. Needless to say that our Samosa Pies will be the official snack for this day.

Go to and support #Nationalbackyardcricket by picking up a bat and #BattingForChage. It’s for a good cause and you can be healthy while helping these programs that help spread education which is the future for tomorrows children.

No matter if you root for India or Australia, this cause helps both countries and more and the best part is we are doing it together no matter where you are from.

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